DANes of larchwood

About Us

 Danes of Larchwood is situated on over 3 acres of semi-wooded land located in a very  rural part of Southeastern Pennsylvania. We share our log home with our 2 children Karissa and Robert  along with 6 danes, 3 wire-haired dachshunds, and 1 very old cat!  My first dane encounter. . . When I was 14 my family and I were visiting a distant cousin who unbeknownst to me  happened to own a BIG harlequin male Great Dane. As soon as I laid eyes on him I knew it was love at first site and I think he knew too because he came right over and situated himself in my lap!  It was at that moment that I knew someday I would share my life with a Great Dane.  What more could a girl ask for. . . My dream to own a Great Dane had finally come true. I was away at college when I    decided to adopt a Dane from the local SPCA. He was a fawn and he came to live with me in the fraternity house and subsquently lived out his life amongst college co-eds! Shortly after I graduated college I met Dave and his Lab-mix Max, and lucky for me he was  a dog lover too...especially of giant breeds  so it was an easy task of adding our next dane, an uncropped black female we called Aries, shortly after we  purchased our first house!    The Larchwood Legacy begins. . .  Before we settled into our current home we lost Aries but Max was still around to keep us company. It wasn't long, however, before we acquired Chelsee. A fawn female that we decided to have cropped. Chelsee became known as the children's "guardian angel". She went everywhere with the children and watched over them like they were her very own.       Chelsee was so special that with  the help of a good friend, Lori Bricker, we decided to breed her. It was a wonderful experience  for the whole family.     Time went by and one day while I was at work I noticed a gentleman with a great dane  on his hat. I approached him and asked if he had any great danes. Little did I know that chance meeting  would lead to the start of a wonderful friendship and invaluable mentorship with Harry and his wife Sue  Bauder of Danes of Loxley. The Bauder’s invited Dave and I over to see their latest litter of puppies.  You can only imagine what happens from here!During that visit, Dave and I spied a beautiful brindle  puppy in a crate. I was in love so we asked if the puppy was available for sale. Sue said yes but only  to a show home.  We knew nothing about showing but were willing and eager to learn. Thus how we came to  acquire what would become our foundation bitch in Loxley’s Ming Tiger Lily. Lily turned out to be everything  we ever dreamed of and then some. She was the perfect companion for the family and particularly for Chelsee.  She was a fantastic "show girl" and with some mentoring from Sue and Harry, Lily finished her championship and  continued her winning ways by taking multiple breed wins and group placements.  Sue drove  through a snowstorm to help Lily whelp her first and only litter we had 6 healthy puppies.   Chelsee passed away at the age of 13 and sadly, we lost Lily 1 month later but Lily  lives on in our breeding program as is evidenced throughout our pages. She is the foundation of Larchwood  and through her and many years of selective breeding along with lots of research we have been very successful  in our breeding program.     We breed only color pure fawn and brindle Great Danes with a strong emphasis on  temperament, longevity, and conformation. We owe many thanks to all our friends and mentors that have helped  over the years and look forward to watching our newest hopefuls make us proud both in and out of the ring! Thank you for visiting our site!         

Always the Guardian

Chelsee was our first family dane. She adored the kids and always kept a watchful eye

kids and pups ........

Our Daughter Karissa enjoying the pups