History of Quilts

Although commonly thought to be an Amish or Mennonite “art”, quilting has been traced back to ancient Egypt and China. Similar to the quilts of today, there were three layers…the top, the batting in the middle and the back. The layers were stitched together to prevent the batting from bunching up. In the Eleventh Century, quilting was used under armor. In the Eighteenth Century women wore quilted petticoats and men wore quilted coats. It was during this time quilted bedding was popular and first brought to the American Colonies. It wasn’t until the Nineteenth Century though when patchwork and appliqué designs were created and became an integral part of American Folk Art.

The Ultimate "MUST HAVE" for the Die Hard Dane Fancier

We will create a Dane Motif Quilt specifically for you. We will work with you to create a quilt for your décor and color palate. You can tell us if you would like appliqué, stitching or a combination of both. Is your style classic or whimsical? Do you prefer pastels or jewel tones? Once the fabrics have been agreed upon, we will start crafting your customized keepsake. We are certain each quilt is sure to be treasured for years to come.

We can’t take all the credit!

Once the squares are custom made for the customer, we then take the squares to a local Mennonite family who creatively sews them together. The quilt is then sewn together (front to back). At that point, another local Mennonite family stipples the quilt for us.  The pictures really do not convey how gorgeous the finished product is.  It is truly a genuine quilt from here in the heart of the Pennsylvania Dutch Country!

A Picture of Patriotism

Pictured above is our Patriotic quilt.  Perfect for anyone with an Americana decor!


We cannot guarantee a delivery time.  We create the squares based on the customers request.  The quilting and stippling is done by a local  MennonitesWe will do our best to complete orders within 4 months of everyone agreeing to the fabric choices, however, it may take longer.


Queen Size $1200.00

King Size $1500.00

10% down payment required at the time of order. 40% due after fabrics have been chosen. The remaining 50% due when the quilt is completed.

Pictured to the left is our "Light House Quilt".  This quilt was raffled off at the 2014 Great Dane Club of America National Specialty.

Here we tried to incorporate the local flair.  Taking into consideration lighthouses and beaches were indicative of the area, we chose to use that in our theme.  

Our inspiration for the colors came from nature.  We used Yellow to represent the sunshine, Beige for the sand, Blue for the water and Green for grass.

Feeling Whymsical?

Go Bold!

If you want your quilt to POP, consider using bold colors!

This is an example of an embroidered square.

This is another example of an embroidered square. 


We got the inspiration for this design from a quilt that was made by my friends grandmother way back when.  

This is a wonderful example of an appliqued square.  We chose to use pastels for this quilt.  

One can certainly appreciate the thought and "detail" that goes into each and every quilt.  Each corner of the quilt had Paw Prints stippled into them.  (This detail is most obvious when using a solid color border.)